About Us

We, at Momentsinbox Eduventures, aspire to not only help you face all the questions you have been avoiding all your life, questions that have turned into invisible hurdles in the path of your success, but also strive to provide you with answers that propel you forward on a fulfilling journey in your career, relationships and life. Momentsinbox is an ISO 9001:2015 certified Education Management and Counselling Services Company that provides multi-dimensional counselling services across the spectrum of all age-groups. Leading our team of highly experienced, certified counsellors is our Co-Founder, Mr. Chander Gaurrav Setia.

Counselling Services

Career Counselling for Students

At Momentsinbox Eduventures, we understand that a good Career Counselling service goes beyond the mere suggestion of a list of careers...

Working Professional

A good counselling service knows that their job doesn’t end with career choices. More often than not, it is after one embarks on a professional journey, the role of a counsellor...

Play Group Children

Parents often tend to miss the bus during the formative years of their children and fail to identify and optimize their child’s inborn talent at a time when they are most receptive...


Post-retirement is often a time that is largely discounted from our discourse around facilitating happier, more fulfilling lives. Momentsinbox Eduventures counselling for...


Why Counselling?

Life is a multi-level challenge, each level as difficult as the last. The nature of the difficulty keeps changing and morphing into something new at every stage. Irrespective who you are and what you do, leading a fulfilling life is a massive task that requires time, dedication and effort.

A good counselling service can help individuals face the challenges of their lives effectively, and enables them to optimize their emotional, professional and personal strengths. In the times that we live where people are forced to face a mounting stress in almost every aspect of their life, counselling can help them survive the daily challenges while allowing them to capitalize on the many opportunities presented by the social and economic development of our nation.

School Counselling Services

Our services aim to primarily identify and discover dominant innate talent that a student has and help the schools harness and channelize the same towards excellence in academic and extra-curricular fields. Amongst the sheer number of students which a school has, we partner with the school to identify innate talent at the earliest available opportunity, starting as early as Class I...

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Admissions Guidance

Momentsinbox® makes use of automated online tools based on established vocational psychology findings, to help students achieve clarity in their career choices. Professional career counselling during private sessions with the students and their parents helps explore and assess their academic and extracurricular performance and potential, and provides career direction for future success...

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